LittleCreek+Co. is a design firm that prioritizes the importance of efficient spatial planning when creating our clients' dream spaces. 

We simply believe in the basics - your space should serve your lifestyle and be a reflection of you. 

About us

We start every project focusing on our clients' habits, daily routines and preferences. We tailor every detail, so that it's uniquely them and the finished product is the best possible version of their home.

Essentially, we make homes a reflection of how our clients
live, work and play.

Our philosophy

Brooke is NOT your typical designer. After establishing a successful engineering career, she left the industry to start LittleCreek+Co. She believes good design goes beyond polished furnishings and styling. It starts with a layout that serves the homeowner. This unique perspective requires a different approach and that's exactly what Brooke delivers to her clients. Combining her artistical talents and analytical traits, she creates homes with one purpose - being a true reflection of the people living within its walls. The theory that a person must be either left- or right-brained doesn't hold true for her. Brooke embodies characteristics from both worlds to offer her clients a one-of-a-kind design experience.

Brooke Droptini
founder | Principal Designer

How it all started

Mandee Uncapher

"Brooke is brilliant. She's not only a master strategist and critical thinker, but she has a visionary mind. She can walk into a room and not only see it's potential, but can help you see it, too. Her eye for design is uniquely paired with her ability to overcome functional obstacles. You'll love working with her to create your dream space."

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Monarch TYLER homes

"We appreciate the prompt service and creativity LittleCreek+Co. interjects into our projects.  Not only are our plans delivered promptly, but each set is unique.  Brooke and her team have the able to maximize the layouts and utilize every square inch of space. Our company enjoys working with LittleCreek+Co. and appreciates its acute attention to the details."

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"Working with LittleCreek+Co. was a wonderful experience. We wanted a spa-like retreat for our master suite. What we got was beyond anything we had envisioned. The layout worked beautifully and Brooke captured that relaxing feeling through thoughtful design details.  She even incorporated special features for our fur babies."

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"LittleCreek+Co. provides first-class customer service. Brooke really listened when we described our 'wants' and 'must-haves' for our new home. Then she incorporated them into our custom design in the most amazing ways. Her software allowed us to see everything in 3D from the start. Honestly, it looked like something from HGTV."

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